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Thoughts and ideas from a consultant trying to improve the enterprise through better lean/agile principles, sensible design and pragmatic solutions.

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Updated blog and Axure content

It has been quite some time since I have posted an update – has been a very busy few months out at a new client. Faced with some down time during the holiday season and two weeks to myself it was time to revamp the blog, get some hosting, a domain and update the old content. New name, new content In the spirit of revamping, I’ve renam…

Hamish KingHamish King

Axure specification templates explored

If you have read my other posts on generating specifications from Axure and the benefits of doing so, then you may want to delve into the world of customising spec templates and the various configurations options. I am a strong believe in letting the application (in this case ‘Axure’) doing the laborious work for you and therefore incre…

Hamish KingHamish King

Using raised events for mixing up your masters

I've been playing around with making my current prototype more usable and dynamic in the last few days and have come across a cool but not well documented feature of  'raised events'. Essentially it allows you to add flexibility to your master's in able to change page by page, and allow you to capture events fired inside a master (im sure…

Hamish KingHamish King

Axure RP and Source Control with Subversion

If anyone out there is using or has thought about using Axure RP Pro for a project and stumbled at the source control hurdle, or decided against it for lack of source control support, I challenge you to read this post and still disagree. Axure RP is a great application that when used well can create great prototypes to 'wow' the client an…

Hamish KingHamish King