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Hamish King

Thoughts and ideas from a consultant trying to improve the enterprise through better lean/agile principles, sensible design and pragmatic solutions.

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All things agile, SAFe and interesting thoughts learned along the way

20 Questions for Scrum Master Interviews

List of questions for SM interviews After doing lots of scrum master and agile coaching interviews over the last few months, I've put together a list of common questions that we've been asking candidates to elicit their experience and knowledge of the mindset. By no means the best or most complete set but has been useful so far. Retro: Th…

Hamish KingHamish King

8 tips for Delivering Leading SAFe

I wanted to get down on paper (blog-paper?) some lessons and tips from running this session 10+ times in the last 6 months to ~250+ people in 4 different global regions. Start early! It's a lot of content to get through; which is a common complain of the SAFe material in general, so an early 8am works best! The early start provides enoug…

Hamish KingHamish King

Lessons from running a PI Planning

After taking a lead role in several previous PI Plannings I thought it would be worth sharing my learnings. Prep, prep and more prep PI Planning is all about alignment. Alignment to the vision, alignment within the teams, across the teams and ensuring all alignment points and dependencies are identified, discussed and managed. To this en…

Hamish KingHamish King